We’re not the same person we were a year ago, a month ago, or a week ago. We’re constantly changing. Experiences don’t stop. That’s life.
 Unknown  (via solacity)

A morning with Chanyeol


130606 INFINITE K-BOY Paradise Magazine Vol. 9

she’s serious tho

Sits by the door like a lonely puppy waiting for it's owner to come back.


I’ll be back soon, bae. Don’t wait too long for me though.
And your spam was really cute… it made me feel really important and like— I actually matter for once. 
For the first time—… I’m not the one doing everything. Someone else is. 
Someone as special as you.
I… uh… 
Thank you so much for being so good to me and being here when I need someone the most.
Thank you so much for confessing to me when you did and pulling me out of my darkness, asking me to be yours, and actually waiting patiently as I adjust to… all of this since I’m really not used to receiving so much love, attention, care and all from an individual.
Thank you for being such a wonderful person inside and out. 
Thank you for giving me hope that I once lost for the future… and for us.
We met last year (months ago) when everything was all fine and dandy then suddenly our worlds collapsed and we bumped into each other yet again, suddenly connecting the way we did. 
No matter what happens down the road, if we part ways or even continue to be together as a couple, I hope that you will always be here and be my friend.
Thank you for being so amazing to me.
I’ll repay you someday.